Inbox: Redemption is within reach

Inbox: Redemption is within reach

I just want Matt LaFleur to get another 13-win season. That puts you in the playoffs and would just be really cool that he got 13 wins every year as a head coach. I don’t care about home-field advantage or bye weeks or No. 1 seeds or No. 6 seeds. Just get 13 wins. That means we can lay an egg four times and all is still good in the world. Relax, Packer Nation. It is a LONG season.

If the last 50 years taught us anything, it’s that it’s tough to be perfect in an imperfect game. But you can be consistent. That’s what these teams are chasing.

Hi Wes, the whole world knows our reliable and outstanding RB tandem will get plenty of touches this Sunday. Assuming Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon have early success, the Bears will have to adjust. I think Robert Tonyan could have a big day finding the holes in coverage, with a couple bombs going to our WRs in single coverage, especially on play-action. Does it favor the TEs more or the WRs more, if the Bears shade their focus on containing Jones and Dillon?

It benefits everyone, whether it’s Tonyan, Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard in the middle of the field or Sammy Watkins, Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson on the perimeter. It’s not just, “Oh, the Packers have two good running backs. They should touch the ball a lot.” It’s how Jones and Dillon, in tandem, can stretch a defense sideline-to-sideline.

You often speak about the “eye test.” Don’t you think the Vikings passed the “eye test” to give them a leg up? The Bears are always tough no matter where or when we play them so be prepared for any outcome. Beat the Bears! GPG!

I thought Justin Jefferson had a great game and the crowd at US Bank Stadium was loud as heck. But other than that, it wasn’t the type a loss where I said to myself afterward, “Shoot, I don’t know if the Packers can beat those guys.” As Spoff said, Round 2 takes place in 3½ months. Now, it’s all about Chicago. That’s the only test that matters.

Wes, hopefully GB has a much better team game. Would you rather see a big improvement from the offense or defense? GPG!

Defense. We know what the defense can do. We’ve seen it. Now is the time to do it on Sundays. I think the offense is going to get better as the season wears on, but it’s been my contention the defense could be special right out of the gate. Hopefully that potential shows itself Sunday. There are no re-dos, but redemption is within reach.

Can this really be a “must-win” game in Week 2? Or is it too early to trap out that cliche? History and math tell us a team that starts 0-2 has an 11% chance of making the playoffs. That number might be even lower if both losses are in the division. Inconceivable!

As I always say, there are no must-win games in September. But this qualifies as a “Boy-this-would-be-a-good-one-to-win-since-Green-Bay-does-not-have-another-division-game-until-November-and-more- it-is-the-Bears” game.

Wes, I just listened to “Unscripted,” and you brought up the Chicago WRs I was forgetting about. Duh. EQ is there! I even saw his TD highlight last week. I still think Cole Kmet is going to be one to watch, though.

A reliable tight end can be a young QB’s best friend, and Kmet has the makings of a good one. Darnell Mooney also is a playmaker I expect to be much more active in this game. The Packers have to keep Justin Fields’ feet to the fire. If he’s free to extend plays, Fields can make a defense pay with those type of weapons.

I think David from El Segundo meant to write he can’t wait for the Vikings fans to get their “SKOLs” crushed. Didn’t it seem that, even after the half, the Packers just didn’t possess a sense of urgency and were a bit lethargic? Where was the intensity?

Not sure. They certainly looked better in the second half. I think it’s worth mentioning opening the season on the road in back-to-back-to-back years has its drawbacks, too. The Packers need to be better; no doubt about it. But maybe one of these years, the schedule-makers will put a Week 1 game in Green Bay.

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