The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 17, 2022

What might get in your way today is your own bad attitude, and while you might actually think and believe that whatever you’re doing is right your ‘correctness’ is exactly what bugs people.

This isn’t the day when you win that popularity contest, but you may just end up getting what you want in spite of it. What’s going on today is the Moon trines Saturn, and it favors those who stay in line and do ‘the right thing.’

Some of us are not as strong as all that; we’re not ready to go to bat for our beliefs, nor are we tough enough to take the blows that come from those who do not support us.

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This bunch can sit at home today, where it’s probably safer and more comfortable anyway. Today is for the folks who go by the book and pay attention to the rules.

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Know this: what makes today so rough for you is that you are alone in your beliefs. Because you believe something is one way or another doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else will support your choices.

Moon trine Saturn makes you believe that you have the right of way and that you are not to be questioned. You believe in limits, boundaries, and rules.


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