Book Review: Sunborn Rising

If this portion of the series is any indication, it’s a terrific notion that should motivate any reader.

This book is a superb example of great YA fiction as well as just great writing in general. It is satisfying and full enough to stand alone.

It’s difficult to enter the fantasy genre and make a significant contribution, but Aaron Safronoff succeeded in doing so with Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall. This book is actually only the first in a series, and it holds the key to the doors of a magically new universe. This young adult fantasy thriller is only a small portion of the Sunborn Rising experience, which goes far beyond the vivid book pages.

A world that is somewhat similar to ours is on the point of going dark. A sun that is floating in the middle of everything serves as the planet’s source of life for the floating islands made of tree trunks. However, there is a disruption in the course of existence, and the planet is in danger of going completely dark. The hands of the most unexpected heroes hold the key to salvation, which is unclear. Barra, a young Listlespur humanoid who resembles a cat, along with her two closest companions Plicks, a Kolalabat who resembles a bat, and Tory, a Rugosik who resembles a puppet, serve as our primary guides in this planet. Barra climbs into her deceased father’s study to find his secret notebook because she first wants to know more about him. Barra and her friends embark on the journey of a lifetime thanks to his writings, which also serve to deepen the father-daughter relationship.

The somewhat overly simple storyline serves its purpose because the Sunborn Rising series is obviously geared toward a younger readership. The monochrome pages are dotted with vibrant pictures that beautifully depict scenes from the mythical world. The reader’s imagination will actually benefit greatly from these illustrations because some of the animals and plants are very different from what we see in reality.

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