How to Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander Review

What precisely does John Alexander’s How to Become An Alpha Male teach you? And how effective are the ways that are being taught. After reading the manual, I’m now putting my own opinions on it in paper. You may learn more about the How to Become An Alpha Male guide in this review.

I’m curious as to why our parents never bothered to teach us how to approach girls throughout our lives. We frequently seem to receive advice from our pals. But frequently, the advise is ineffective since the person receiving it is unsure of what to do. Because they frequently receive non-expert counsel from others.

Therefore, almost all of the information we hear about attracting females comes from unreliable sources. Or unidentified specialists with scant relevant expertise who lack the credentials to even warrant our attention.

Then there are motion pictures. When it comes to attracting the woman of your dreams, those are more detrimental than beneficial. The guy is typically portrayed in movies as being extremely kind to the woman. And eventually, after professing his love for her and showering her with flowers, he succeeds in winning her over. But once more, that is pointless.

How about those who consult their mothers or female friends? What are the instructions? Be kind, treat a woman with respect, and give her flowers.

You’ve undoubtedly come to the conclusion by now that being the nice guy doesn’t work. Never has it. With her, you’ll find yourself in the friend zone. And from being kind, you will only get thus far with a woman. That’s not a problem unless you want to hear her tell you about the jerk she wants to date.

John gives lessons on how to develop into an alpha male. a man who used the techniques himself. He used to be a lovely guy who observed how the girl of his dreams only wanted to be friends. He debunks all the myths and lies you’ve been told about seducing women in his book. One of them about being the nice guy.

By reading this book, you’ll learn why she passed on you.

If you haven’t already, what you will discover. It is true that being a decent guy won’t help you get the girls. And acting in ways that suggest such, like taking them out to dinner, wooing them, or purchasing pricey items for her, doesn’t work.

What was unexpected was that women perceived this kind of behavior as manipulating. a crude effort to lure her into bed. even if you didn’t mean it that way.

John Alexander continues by explaining why girls appear to be drawn to jerks. But being a jerk is not necessary to attract women. It’s more important to strike a balance between being a jerk who women find attractive and a lovely guy who treats women well.

The book’s main topic is how to mature into a man. exactly what girls desire. Nobody who grovels at her feet or eagerly appeases her is a wimp.

The myths that we are fed about women are covered in length in the first section. Additionally, it discusses how women think. Everything is laid out in a clear, simple-to-read format that makes it simple to follow.

The discussion then turns to how to become the kind of man that women desire. And you achieve it by honing your inner game. The path to attracting women appears to become clearer if you correct this.

The fact that John authored his book in a step-by-step format is what I enjoyed best about it. I’ll start with your initial interaction and give you some ideas of how to be more forthcoming with her. You have reached the point where you are sleeping with her. However, the goal doesn’t have to be to seduce her.

If you want to learn how to interact with her romantically. Then read the book’s final few chapters where John offers advice on how to have a happy relationship with the woman of your dreams. how to maintain a positive relationship with her.

In the end, you’ll discover a lot about how to get the woman you want in a relationship. Furthermore, it need not entail pretending to be someone you are not. No hypnosis, no tricks, and no pick-up lines. The entire book How to Become An Alpha Male is about how to be a man.

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