Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery – Flirting For You Guys

Beyond what we may consider basic flirting, seduction, or even your typical “how to pickup women” book, Flirt Mastery goes above and beyond. We struggle to classify this as a straightforward pickup artist manual or even system given the sheer volume of knowledge and the breadth of flirting and seduction topics covered. It’s more of a library of books and tools you may use to learn about flirting, seduction, and the fundamental rules of the game. Flirt Mastery is more than just a collection of great pickup lines or techniques offered to you with the hope of assisting you in obtaining a girl’s contact information at a bar. That’s because once you get a woman’s number, the game has only just begun, and systems like that rarely work with women.

Consider it in this way. Before the night is out, anyone can go hang out at a pub until closing time and easily convince at least one female to give them her cell phone number. What you do when you acquire that number will determine your level of success. True success with women depends on your capacity to interact with many types of female players and your capacity to anticipate and respond to every circumstance that will arise as your life progresses. These straightforward truths apply to any women you intend to hook up with, date, marry, and spend the rest of your life with.

Imagine that you were able to charm this little sweetie into giving you her phone number. Will you be prepared to talk to her on the phone when the time comes? Or will there be a lot of awkward silence punctuated by trite quotes from a book? Are you prepared to keep her engaged if she starts messaging you or risk receiving the “lol kiss of death” and never hearing from her again?

Women will tell you that even a tremendously hot guy who lacks any form of game and isn’t sly and knows how to play them won’t succeed in any way. Being attractive is advantageous, but for very attractive women and most women in general, playing the game well is key. And the best part is that you gain just as much from understanding how to ignite attraction and passion in a one-on-one relationship with a woman as she does.You gain because she will give you the same playful, flirtatious attention that you give her, and the passion only grows as your skill level rises. There is no difference between casual dating, a relationship that develops into a regular commitment, or even marriage. You will use these skills throughout your entire life.

Because all the research has already been done for you, Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery claims to give you these abilities so you can generate greater passion more quickly and effortlessly. You’ll be able to communicate effectively by knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Have you ever had second thoughts about a girl’s interest in you? Have you ever wondered if she was playing a practical joke on you? Have there ever been times when you felt as though you were receiving signals or that the moment was right to initiate a kiss but weren’t entirely sure? Have you ever been stumped as to how to respond to a text message and found yourself banging your head against the wall trying to come up with a funny response or flirtatious one-liner that would let her know you were different in the hopes of making her laugh? With all the knowledge in Flirt Mastery, you must be able to learn something that will help you out and give you a slight advantage over the other guys.

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