Stop Negativity: Anthony Robbins’ 10-Day Challenge

This exercise is from Anthony’s book “Awaken the Giant Within,” which has 539 pages, but I’ve only chosen a few to discuss. Like countless others, I’m a huge Anthony Robbins admirer. I’ll tell you about the difficulty, but reading the book has a lot of additional advantages; it’s a useful workbook.

These are the challenge’s basic guidelines:

No ruminating on bad ideas for ten days in a row.

Replace any negative thoughts as soon as they arise with optimistic ones.

Delete the undesirable state. (See the book for suggestions on how to do this.)

Focus on your problems’ solutions rather than their causes for the next ten days.

If you indulge in a negative thought and don’t immediately replace it, you have to restart for another 10 days.

Although I believe myself to be an optimistic person, I have recently experienced a number of setbacks and it has been a challenging year, and I do occasionally find myself being pessimistic. I’ll also give myself the 10-day challenge. The book contains a wealth of other useful advice and a longer description of the rules if you’d like it. It also contains advice on how to change negative states.

Following multiple falls over the past year, I came upon “Tai Cheng,” a type of Tai Chi, on a TV shopping channel. They are a collection of workout videos made to improve balance and strength. This is my first step toward finding solutions and returning to a positive outlook, and I have ordered them.

If you accept the challenge, you will be moving away from oppressive behaviors and toward empowerment. Even while events can’t always be changed, you can find the greatest solutions by looking at them from a new perspective.

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Take the 10-day challenge, regardless of what you plan to do in the new year; it might make you a happier person, less stressed, and more productive.

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