The Handsome Factor – Book Review

Are you a guy who wants to update your clothing or change your hairdo but isn’t quite sure where to start? The Handsome Factor, a new book by Mark Belmont, claims to help you eliminate some of the uncertainty about how to enhance your appearance and get remarkable results.

This book includes advice for both young and old guys on a variety of themes, including hair, skin issues, facial hair, clothing, fitness, and most importantly, hygiene. In his book, Mark Belmont focuses on what a man may do to enhance his appearance—how to, so to say, make the most of what he already has—in order to make himself more appealing to women and other people in general.

You have to acknowledge that improving your appearance, no matter how slightly, can have a positive impact on your confidence in a variety of aspects of your life, including how you interact with women. You can feel like a new guy and attract lots of positive attention from both the ladies and your boss with a sharp new shirt, nice-fitting pair of slacks, and dazzling new shoes.

You can also discover that you feel more confident in yourself. Men may now see why women love to shop now that they know what women have known for years. When worn properly, a new dress can have a really great effect on your mood and attract a lot of favorable attention. On the other hand, wearing the wrong clothing or having the wrong hairdo can make you appear foolish.

The Handsome Factor’s slightly more than 240 pages are almost like hiring a professional makeover artist or clothing designer to revamp your appearance. You will be given guidance from head to toe on how to make the most of what God has given you and how to conceal your flaws in a way that won’t give the impression that you are doing so.

Overall, we believe that Mark Belmont has addressed a topic that is sorely lacking in literature. Even though a lot of people claim that you don’t need to be attractive to succeed with women or in life, it is a well-known reality that a man must at least seem presentable to be taken seriously as a potential partner, and appearance does matter to some extent.

Even though it’s true that for many women, other qualities such as personality and manners are more important when picking a partner, it doesn’t matter how charming or slick you are if you smell or look like a train wreck. So why don’t you straighten up and get women to check the boxes next to your name that indicate “doesn’t smell” and “is a snappy dresser”? You might even feel better about yourself as a result, which is a cool side benefit. It’s really not that tough.

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