This Easy Mindshift Will Improve Your Life And Earnings!

I’ve only recently started using this platform. I have, however, been able to read a lot of articles.

I’ve seen a lot of articles that provide tips on how to make money from your writing.

The advise is frequently pretty similar, but it can also be very different. People are having trouble making a living through their writing, though, and this theme runs through all the articles.

We all need money, so it’s not surprising that you’d want to make money doing what you enjoy.

Even though money isn’t the most crucial aspect of life, it ranks relatively close to oxygen on the scale of need.

David Ziglar

It would be wonderful to be able to make money while doing what you love, like writing, because we all need it.

I might be able to offer some suggestions to anyone looking to make money out of their writing.

I was introduced to a book a few years ago while I was taking a business seminar. Considering how highly recommended it is, this book is rather lacking. I got the book because I enjoy learning and am quite ambitious, and I was very impressed with the main ideas.

“Go for No,” written by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, is the book to which I’m alluding.

I was astounded by the simple idea in this book that had such a profound impact on my way of thinking and attitude. You won’t ever look at the word “no” the same way again after reading this book.

If you’ve ever worked in a sales-related workplace, you are aware that sales are a numbers game. The more people you approach, the better your chances are of closing a deal or making a sale, and the more sales you make, the more money you’ll make.

Please be patient with me now. Despite how clear it may appear. This isn’t entirely evident to everyone, so have your back up.

The easiest solutions are frequently there in front of you. You can’t see it, though, because you are so close.

Selling gym memberships for a national organization was one of my first sales gigs when I was younger. I learned that our chances of making a sale increased as we approached more people.

This was a sales position that paid only on commission. I consequently didn’t receive a base pay or retainer. You didn’t got paid for the week or month if I didn’t earn any sales, respectively.

Working in those conditions is challenging. However, the commission was good and you were paid generously when you closed transactions, offsetting the risk-reward ratio.

The bottom line was that in order to make money, one had to labor.

Averages and sales are given a lot of attention because it’s a numbers game.

Therefore, the averages in the sales matrix would hold true if you spoke with enough people. In order to make the necessary meetings, presentations, and sales, you had to put in the work and base your decisions on the averages from the sales matrix.

The numbers we used were

approach 30

made 12 appointments

Fourth presentations

2 sales

So the daily need was to call 30 people, set up 12 appointments from those appointments, do 4 presentations from those presentations, and generate 2 sales from those presentations.

hence, the numbers

the thirty

12 consultations

Fourth presentations

2 sales

Being ambitious, I believed that if I doubled my work, my earnings would increase—hopefully by a factor of two.

I would thus approach 60 persons rather than 30.

I would schedule 24 appointments as opposed to 12 appointments.

Instead of the anticipated 4, I would give 8 presentations.

I should consequently average four sales instead of the anticipated two.

I am unsure if I was as accurate as this catalogue in hitting all the numbers. Since there wasn’t enough time in the day, if my memory serves me well, to reach all the doubled-up figures. I can confirm that I did attempt to reach those numbers each day, and as a result, I rose to the position of one of the best writers in the industry, receiving a significant salary.

To be completely honest, I liked having control over how much I made in relation to my input.

Being in a commission-only sales role means that a lot of things are beyond my control. The outcomes will average out if I manage my input and make sure I hit the high numbers.

Knowing this is fantastic, but once you can demonstrate that it works, you are unstoppable.

I was eager to work hard and demonstrate my abilities because this was one of my first sales roles. Play hard, work hard.

Even if this was fantastic and the averages worked out, the truth is that. Still, making the necessary calls could be challenging at times. You occasionally didn’t feel up to it since you were just exhausted or worn out from your constant efforts. Sometimes people are simply tired of getting so many no answers.

Just keep in mind that if you approach 30 people in hopes of making 2 sales, you will receive 28 no responses for every 2 yeses.

At the best of times, it is difficult to perform this level of labor every day. If you are an overachiever, as I am, you should, however, double your efforts in order to enhance your revenue.

According to my calculations, I would need 56 No votes to get 4 Yes votes, which would just double the statistics.

Receiving that many rejections daily is difficult to bear, regardless matter how successful you become.

I didn’t learn about the book “Go for No” until many years later.

The idea, though, immediately astounded me.

As I read, my perspective on the word “No” shifted.

The outcomes are significant.

The book includes a brief account of a salesman who discovers a crucial lesson from the most unexpected of places. He learns that a small mental adjustment can drastically alter the way he thinks, feels, and even lives.

You will be able to view the word “No” differently after reading “Go For No,” which will make you feel more at ease about making money from your writing.

The book “Go for NO” will now accomplish the same for you after you have read it.

No matter if you work in sales or not, this book will have a beneficial impact on you.

We will never think, sell, or live the same way again thanks to the lessons in the book “Go for No.”

You’ll approach the word with a new perspective. It would undoubtedly help you with your ambition to earn money from writing if I answered “No,” which is something you had never dreamed was feasible.

Some things you’ll discover

How to exceed the majority of the sales force globally,

Failure is not the same as being a failure,

the value of celebrating both achievements and failures,

Having knowledge of the five failure levels,

And a whole lot more.

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