Top Men’s Books


The books listed below are ones I’ve read recently and believe were crucial to my growth as a man who is adored by numerous women.

1. Art of Seduction (Robert Greene)

Robert Greene is the reincarnation of Machiavelli, if reincarnation is real. However, in this instance, he is writing about seduction’s hidden knowledge rather than politics. If you were to ask me, I would claim that this book is the source of inspiration for all pick-up and seduction novels. His use of the Machiavellian method of historical writing in this book surely helped to persuade the reader that people have been seducing one another since the dawn of civilization. Sincerely, I’m curious to see how Robert Greene does on the field.

2. How to be the Jerk Women Love (F.J. Shark)

Ask no questions. The Ultimate Jerk Bible is this. This work of art was brilliantly written by F.J. Shark. The book takes you inside the minds of women, revealing their strategies and barriers for navigating relationships. In addition, as the title suggests, THE ART OF CARING LESS demonstrates how a jerk was able to get through these crucial barriers and take control of the relationship. This book should not be missed.

3. Men are Mars Women Are from Venus (John Gray)

Ha! Do you have any idea why this one is here? Okay, I’ll tell you right away! This book is simply included here so that you will be aware of what NOT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO BE in order to become a successful jerk. You can quickly determine WHO A JERK IS AND WHO A JERK IS NOT by simply DOING THE CONTRARY OF MOST OF WHAT IS STATED HERE. It will be helpful to discuss how to recognize and utilize contrast in your art studies here.

4. The Game (Neil Strauss)

Oh, yes. The match! The book that served as the inspiration for the majority of modern “pick up artists.” I also begin with this one. This book, in my opinion, is more of a motivational book than a book of techniques. Although you can learn the basics of the game here, I’m sure that if you’re limited to reading this book, you could misinterpret or abuse the majority of the concepts. But you can never discount the incredible motivation this book will give you

5. Double Your Dating Attraction is not a Choice (David De Angelo)

De Angelo did an excellent job of assembling all the theoretical support, both philosophical and scientific, for you to become a true man (jerk). Even while you won’t need to read him to succeed at being a jerk, the knowledge and insights he provided will help you comprehend why your behaviors are effective. In addition, this information is a fantastic supplement when instructing other men in the art of jerkness.

These are the books that helped me along my own path of personal growth. The books listed below are the ones that helped me get where I am now. Although I have faith in these works, the most significant factor in your development is ultimately you, as we all know. If you believe in yourself that you can change, none of these things will help.

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